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Advocacy & Wellness Care

Health care is undergoing a tremendous transition. The potent medicines and innovative technology have extended lives beyond anyone’s wildest dreams 100 years ago.

Lifestyle Management

We offer a tailored approach to your problem in a confidential environment.

Taking care of your health

Proactive Care

Specializing in the individual needs, both emotional and physical, of each patient as they navigate their way through the health care system. Dedicated to promoting the rights of all patients and to serving as their health care advocate

Over 30 Years of Experience

Providing quality primary care to all adults.
Specializing in adult family medicine, weight control, INS immigration physicals, and advocacy medicine.

Sub-speciality of HIV medicine and

a pioneer in the field since 1985.
Committed to empowerment through

lifestyle management.

New Patient Information

You are encouraged to download, print and complete these forms before arriving for your first appointment with us. Bring them with you to expedite your visit. Thank you.

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